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About Symbee

Our Experience

With 20+ years in Designing, Developing and Deploying Highly Complex Contact Center Solutions, Symbee brings the people, process and technology together in a consultative environment to develop your Digital driven Customer Engagement Solution on Amazon Connect.

Our goal is to empower all parties involved in the Customer Engagement bringing the best of all experiences to the customer, agent and company. By accomplishing this this we create a seamless and rewarding experience driving business and customer success.

Our Approach

Symbee is a new breed of developers and consultative experts; obsessed with delivering business outcomes that are focused on the Agent and Customer experience.

Proudly built in the USA, serving domestic and international customers in the US, EU and APAC. Symbee’s application suite builds the connections between customers, businesses and CRM systems. The Symbee solutions are designed to protect current investments while providing a path to leading edge customer engagement applications.

Why Us?

Our core belief is that, great Customer Engagement starts by empowering both the Customers and Agents with solutions which are intuitive, informative, easy to use and manage. Symbee Connect Omnichannel is the core solution to allow customers to engage on any media, anytime and anywhere within a connected fabric that brings it all together.

Amazon Connect Partner

Symbee, a global market leader in providing customer engagement solutions has joined the AWS Partner Network, (APN) as a Validated Standard Consulting Partner and is one of the first partners to deploy Amazon Connect.

To learn more about Amazon Connect go to the Amazon Connect Website.

Symbee Connect Solutions

Symbee Connect OmniChannel

Symbee Connect OmniChannel provides a Customer Engagement platform that allows the agents and customers to seamlessly communicate across voice and/or the digital channel of their choice. Symbee Connect OmniChannel is fully integrated to Amazon Connect, with all usage billed in a pay as you go model on the AWS Marketplace. Symbee Connect OmniChannel delivers Webchat, SMS (WebText SMS/MMS, SMPP) and full LexBot integration. Symbee Connect Out of the Box Analytics, Libraries and Fusions for SFDC, Service Now MS-CRM, EPIC and SAP ICI are all inclusive to the Symbee Connect solution. Symbee ConnectOmniChannel is designed to bring Symbiotic-Solutions™ to Amazon Connect with enhanced features and options to delivery on the ever-changing customer engagement challenges.


Symbee Connect Engagement is a Contact Center (CC) Client that enhances the core Amazon Connect solution by focusing on the agent experience through Real-time Metrics/KPI’s and unifying the customer engagement process when integrated with Symbee Connect Fusion. Symbee Connect Engagement enables Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) features for the CC client expanding internal and external engagement to the next level whether they’re working in a headquarters location, in a branch office or a home office.

Digital Engagement

Symbee Connect Digital Engagement adds Omnichannel support to the core Amazon Connect Solution by adding Webchat and SMS/MMS via the Symbee Connect Engagement Client. This allows for an Agent to dynamically change between Voice, Webchat and SMS/MMS based on the skills and routing assigned to that agent. Simultaneously it opens new digital channels for customers to connect with Agents whether they are at their desk and/or on mobile devices. Finally, is allows for the customer to choose their method of contact and/or to change their method of contact based on what is the easiest for them at any given time in the engagement. All channels whether Voice and/or Digital (i.e. Webchat, SMS/MSS) are now be reported on in one view with Symbee Connect Analytics giving the Contact Center a complete view of all channels either in Real-time and/or Historical views.


Symbee Connect Collaboration is a Unified Communication (UC) Client that transforms the Amazon Connect solution by providing managers, back office support and administrative teams access to a feature rich UC client. Symbee Connect Collaboration enables Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) features for the UC client expanding internal and external collaboration to the next level whether they’re working in a headquarters location, in a branch office or a home office.


Symbee Connect Fusion is a core framework that fuses customer engagement metrics allowing for more robust business process integration via Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Symbee Connect Fusion supports integrations into Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, MS Dynamics, Zoho and EPIC.


Symbee Connect Analytics is an Analytics Solution that streams data from Amazon Connect CTR, Amazon Connect Agent States and Symbee Connect Engagement feeds into a metrics driven dashboard that can be accessed based on an RBAC model. This Symbee Connect Analytics Dashboard allows you to set and view reporting metrics end to end in the contact flows including the IVR, set, view and monitor KPI-s targets and view Real-time Metrics that can help the Contact Center Drive First Contact Resolution (FCR) for their customers.

AI for Digital Engagement

Coming Q1 2019!
Digital Engagement AI for OmniChannel

Symbee Connect OmniChannel

Customer Engagement Consulting

Symbee Customer Engagement

Symbee’s Customer Engagement Practice is a combination of strategy, business goals, branding, technology and analytics fused together to deliver a cohesive Customer Engagement Solution. The Symbee Professional Services Team consistency drives focus on the customers business goals, applying technology where it is relevant, flexible and can be measured via KPI metrics to increase efficiency factors within the Contact Center.

Symbee Digital Engagement

Symbee’s Digital Engagement Practice is a combination of strategy, business goals, branding, technology and analytics fused together to deliver a cohesive Digital Engagement Solution. The Symbee Professional Services Team drives a strategic focus and development on how the End Customer chooses to engage through digital channels (i.e. Email, Webchat, SMS, Social, etc) and how the Agent UX experience enhances that engagement. The Digital Engagement usage by End Customers can be measured via KPI metrics to increase efficiency factors with the deployed Digital Channels for the Contact Center.

Symbee FastPath

Symbee’s FastPath Engagement Practice is a combination of key current state solution comparisons (Technology, Routing and Reporting), technology adoption and centralization planning, cost optimization (Licensing, Software Maintenance and Carrier Costs, etc) and a clearly defined customer engagement strategy in migrating from AVAYA and/or Cisco Solutions. The Symbee Professional Services Team has many years of experience in deploying both AVAYA and/or CISCO Contact Center Solutions and uniquely enables us to develop a migration path from the current technology into the Cloud based world of Amazon Connect. The Metamorphosis from a Premise Based solution to a Cloud Based Solution can be measured via project goals, cost optimization and KPI’s set for the Contact Center.

Customer Success


Entech, a global provider of loan origination solutions, has launched Originate ™ – a full-service loan origination outsourcing solution that leverages Amazon Connect to optimize the customer experience from loan application through funds disbursement. The solution includes a state-of-the-art call center delivered by Symbee, based on Amazon Connect.  The call center solution provides advanced customer service and interactive voice recognition features that deliver a seamless and efficient customer journey, helping Entech clients achieve high levels of loan application pull-through and conversion.

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Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions, an early innovator in the move to utilize work-at-home agents, has selected Amazon Connect with Symbee Connect as their contact center solution. After years running inContact software. Direct Interactions evaluated numerous cloud solutions before choosing Symbee, a partner who has developed and deployed into production a full suite of customer service applications incorporating Amazon Connect Direct Interactions engaged Symbee to deliver an enterprise class solution including PCI compliance, speech analytics, and computer-telephony integration.

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