Introducing the Symbee Connect Suite of Solutions for Amazon Connect

Symbee Connect is a browser-based Agent solution that can be deployed on a PC and/or mobile devices!  Symbee Connect Engagement drives digital interactions into the contact center by using a framework built to support Voice, SMS, WebChat, Social and all standard communication channels of today as well in the future. Symbee Connect Fusion will integrate Salesforce Lighting and other CRM solutions with Amazon Connect. The Symbee Connect Suite of solutions being announced are 100% focused on delivering a transformational customer engagement solution for our customers.

Symbee Connect is delivered in a simple “pay as you use model,” to align with Amazon Web Services (AWS) pricing model. Solution Deployment, Configuration and Management of the Symbee Connect Solutions are made easy via browser-based interfaces and CloudFormation scripting on AWS. Symbee Connect is supporting the future of communications with Amazon Connect by providing a rich roadmap of features without the inherent cost and complexity.

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution, with no long-term commitments or upfront charges to deliver better customer service at a lower cost. Amazon Connect is based on the same highly reliable solutions used by Amazon customer service associates around the globe to serve millions of customer conversations.  With Amazon Connect, users get rapid deployment in days or weeks for IVR, AI, Call Routing, Reporting, Inbound Contact Centers and Outbound voice.

Symbee Connect Collaboration

Symbee Connect Engagement

Symbee Connect Libraries

Symbee Connect Fusion

Symbee Connect Analytics


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