AVAYA Elite Multichannel (EMC) CRM Connectors

The Symbee development team has 15+ years of experience creating significant enhancements and pre-packaged solutions for Avaya’s Elite Multichannel. This includes CRM Connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Zendesk, Salelogix and Zoho.

AVAYA Click to Call

The Symbee Click to Call Solution that integrates with the Avaya AES CTI Server is ready to implement out of the box. One of the most popular integrations is with SalesForce.com plus many of the growing number of CRM solutions.

Symbee EMC WebAgent Solution

The Symbee EMC WebAgent is the leading-edge agent experience, which moves current applications to a modernized digital touch and feel.   Enhancing the agent’s capability to handle omnichannel engagements like SMS, Chat, Video in a true web-based solution is a first for Avaya EMC.

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open source standard that enables browsers and mobile applications to transmit data in real time using simple application programming interfaces (APIs) and communications protocols.

WebRTC is a derivative of VoIP and shares the same transport standards.  With Symbee’s WebRTC solutions you have the ability to collaborate in real time, build contextual applications, share data, share screens, add video to endpoints, escalate calls from chat to voice etc.  The Symbee solutions remove all complexity associated with deploying and implementing real-time communication solutions into your customer engagement applications.

Symbee Click to Contact

Symbee’s Click-to-Contact is a true WebRTC experience offered in pre-packaged solutions to enable web sites with WebRTC driven Voice, Video, Web Chat, and File Transfer.