Symbee Announces Symbee Connect FastPath to Digital Transformation

November 23, 2018

Symbee Announces Symbee Connect FastPath to Digital Transformation

What’s the Deal?

The Symbee Connect FastPath promotion includes expert consultancy from our team of consultants, experienced in delivering Customer Engagement Solutions on Amazon Connect. You can choose to setup a test environment and a small-scale Proof-of-Concept for a line of business. In addition, you will receive a 30-day free trial of the Symbee Connect SaaS Solution for Amazon Connect is delivered and billed from the AWS Marketplace.  Symbee Connect provides advanced Voice features, Digital Omnichannel (i.e Webchat, SMS and Social) and most importantly integrated Reporting across all the channels.

Why Symbee Connect SaaS?

Symbee Connect SaaS delivers a market leading customer engagement experience that was developed using a services-based architecture which allows Contact Center integrations for Jabra, Plantronics, VoiceBase, and many more to be features, not integrations into Amazon Connect. This simplifies a potentially complex enterprise deployment into a very standard deployment that focuses on configuration, not a “heavy lift” of software development across multiple applications.

The Symbee Connect SaaS solutions available with this release are:

  • Symbee Connect Engagement™ (CC)
  • Symbee Connect Collaboration™ (UC)
  • Symbee Connect Omnichannel™ (CC)
  • Symbee Connect Libraries™ (Contact Center Feature Pack)
  • Symbee Connect Fusion™ (CRM Integrations, SFDC, SAP, etc)

Symbee Connect uses the same solution approach as the highly adopted Symbee WebAgent offer on industry Contact Centers.  Symbee powers 1000’s of agents across the globe and delivers the “agent engagement and SAP integration” which supported Boeing in winning a 2018 Innovation Award.

Let Symbee show you how to experience the advantages of Amazon Connect with Symbee Connect using Omnichannel, Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Amazon Machine Learning, Natural language integrations via Amazon Lex, Text to Speech via Amazon Polly, Agent access via web-based softphone, pre-build Symbee Connect Fusion’s™ with third party CRM solutions and more!

Join the increasing number of businesses driving digital transformation, process driven automation, efficiency and focus back into their customer engagement strategies without the heavy burden of premise-based deployments and maintenance!

How do I FastPath to Digital Transformation?

With the FastPath™ to Amazon Connect promotion, Symbee is offering a 30 day free trial on Symbee Connect SaaS for your Amazon Connect instance.
Contact Symbee for additional information.

Customer Experience Says it All!

“Symbee was instrumental in the rollout,” said Jonas Nicholson, CEO of Direct Interactions. “We needed a more reliable solution for our 24×7 operation and found the right partner, Symbee, with the expertise to design, build and implement on a short timeline.”